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Temet Protective Solutions - Protective Structures and Shelters

1. TEMET - supply chain partners

World Leader in Protective Solutions
Temet is the world leader in blast protection, CBRN filtration and special ventilation technology applied in civilian shelters and hardened military facilities.
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Hardened Protective Structures

Temet provides the most advanced solutions for blast protection of hardened shelters, securing access ways and ventilation openings as well as wall penetrations for electrical and mechanical services.
Temet's expertise in Civil Defence Shelters is successfully applied in furnishing other types of civilian and military protective structures with blast protection, special filtration and shock protection technology.
Typical end users of Temet solutions are command & control rooms, equipment and material shelters, hardened telecom and server centers as well as power distribution facilities.

Civil Defense Shelters

Temet's Civil Defense Shelters fulfill the demanding requirements of Finnish and other national authorities
The purpose of Civil Defense is to protect the citizens from emergencies and disasters. Public shelters are an important asset in this protection.

Protection for All

Countries that have decided to provide all-inclusive, thoroughly designed Civil Defense for their citizens build modern shelters that impartially offer all citizens a reliable refuge in all crisis situations.

Total Shelter Equipment Offering

Temet offers all special equipment and systems for today's Civil Defense Shelters to guarantee their performance for protection against blast effects, CBRN threat and damage induced by excessive mechanical shock loads.
Civil Defense references and case studies:
  • Al Jaber Hospital, Kuwait, 2012
  • PUB Authority for Minors AFF, Kuwait, 2012
  • KOC Al Ahmadi Hospital, Kuwait, 2012
  • Paaet Rasco Stadium, Kuwait, 2012
  • Al Zour Power Plant , Kuwait, 2012

2. Environics

Environics is a global provider of industrial gas detection and CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) monitoring solutions. We manufacture a wide range of products including hazardous gas monitors for ambient air, process gas and stack emissions, as well as government early warning CBRN detection systems. Today, Environics is the supplier of choice for industrial, government and military organizations worldwide.