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Hardened Structures Operates Globally Including USA, Canada, South America, Europe, UK, UAE, Asia, Australia & New Zealand. Constructing a more secure future for you, your family, friends, corporates and governments. Make my enquiry to Hardened Structures. Email : Clarry@HardenedStructures.com.au www.Linkedin.com/in/IanClarry Hardened Structures USA www.HardenedStructures.com

Partnering Globally, BIG 5 Dubai, UAE 2014 Editorial & Images

Dubai UAE November 17~20th 2014
See The Below Hardened Structures EDITORIAL In The Big 5 Daily Magazine Day 2 Pages 74 & Ad Page 54
Day 4 Hardened Structures Ad Pages 8 & 48

Security Expertise At Hardened Structures

BIG 5 Dubai Image""Hardened Structures offers security protection previously available only to governments. It has more than 23 years of experience in fortified shelters and the fortified eco home design-build industry and provides protection programming and design solutions for any type of facility.
It helps in securing all structures against a wide range of threats including forced entry, armed assault, chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosive (CBRNE) agents, air-blast, ground shock, penetration, fragmentation, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and damage to the structure and equipment due to explosive loading.
Brian Camden Principal at Hardened Structures USA said: "We can save you from a disaster and here's why. We have relationships with key subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers. Our staff are experienced in managing challenging projects in extreme conditions. Modular solutions are not only more economical, they can also be customised according to the client's requirements. Our products are sustainable and our service ensures that every company gets what only governments could afford until now.
He said: "We believe that The Big 5 will give us an opportunity to connect with the security market in the Middle East and internationally."
The company has worked on military, commercial and environmental projects. These projects were about protection against blast, CBRNE agents and full HEMP / EMP shields although our expertise is not limited to security. HS engineering solutions have been recognised by international experts on counter terrorism and critical infrastructure protection.
HS wants to promote personal VIP, corporate, industrial and governmental shelter systems through its attendance at The Big 5.
Even though the company has steel fabrication facilities in the UAE along with numerous suppliers and contractors, HS has revealed plans to open a new Middle East branch.
NB: Hardened Structures is also inviting entities globally to both partner and or to consider direct investment on a value added basis ( details below & upon request in complete confidence ).""
Phone Within The USA Toll Free On +1 (877) 486-0084 / +1 (757) 486-0200 During Normal Office Hours and / or via email Clarry@HardenedStructures.com.au
BIG 5 Dubai Image
BIG 5 Dubai Image
Hardened Structures Image
Hardened Structures Image
Hardened Structures Image
Hardened Structures Image
Hardened Structures Image
Hardened Structures Image
Hardened Structures Image
Hardened Structures Image
Hardened Structures HQ Virginia Beach VA USA
Hardened Structures EU, UAE, Asia, Australia & New Zealand

What We Offer:
Hardened Structures will provide the following to the successful Contractor:
  • Specific Internet Domain Names, e.g.: "HardenedStructuresofCalifornia" and Area"CaliforniaBunkers".
  • Numerous Hardened Structures security projects ranging from $500k to $50 million.
  • Business Operating Plans containing explicit technical procedures to perform Risk Assessments, Site Selection, and Design
  • Management, Full Construction Contracting, Building Systems Placement, Security Procedures and Storage Requirements.
  • Training Manuals for Company Executives and 40 hours in-office training.
  • Design Phase Management procedures for Multi-Hazard Architectural, Engineering methodology.
  • Tested and proven Contract Agreements for Design and Construction.
  • Selected A/E Firms for complete Design Services.
  • Specialized equipment at discount costs for: blast doors, impact glazing, blast valves, ballistic doors/glass, filtering systems,
  • Sorbent filters, solar and alternative energy systems.
  • Cost Estimating software especially designed for Hardened Structures.
  • Critical Path Scheduling software especially designed for Hardened Structures.
  • Use of the Hardened Structures and Bunker Builder Trademarks in your territory.
  • Extensive advertising both locally and nationally.
  • Project Specific Construction Engineering as needed.
  • Hardened Structures Hardened Shelters, Hardened Structures, Hardened Shelters, Hardened Homes and Bunker Builders are all U.S. Registered Trademarks.

Partnering Opportunities

Join a proven network of solution providers as a Hardened Structures “Affiliate” in this rapidly growing specialized field.
Hardened Structures is in the process of expanding our nationwide and international network of companies who represent us in their respective territory. All prospective companies who wish to join the Hardened Structures team must pass a security and background investigation check. In addition, there is a cost to obtain the Hardened Structures license for specific territory. The selected company and its employees will be required to execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement, Licensing Agreement and Non-Compete Agreement.
The selected contractor will be provided projects and sales leads in their territory, but will not have to change their company name. These products will be an "Add On" to their existing business. Our research has shown that the ideal business candidates to install Hardened Structures products and to implement the Hardened Structures Multi-Hazard Construction Program Management Methodology are established:
  • Commercial Construction Contractors
  • Land Developers
  • General Contractors
  • Site Contractors
  • Concrete Contractors
  • Custom Home Builders
  • Architectural and/or Engineering Firms
  • Security Firms
These types of businesses are classified as a "Fragmented Industry" (an industry where most of the businesses are independent operators.) Experience has proven that Fragmented Industries traditionally benefit from branded consolidation. Furthermore, the businesses listed above generally have the technical, business and legal experience necessary to implement the Hardened Structures Multi-Hazard methodology for a design / build program.

Please email Clarry@HardenedStructures.com.au