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Silos and Bunkers - Locations throughout the United States

Telecomm Bunker
Telecomm Bunker
Missile Control Center
Missile Control Center
Surefire Living
The only legit secure survival community open to citizens in the US, possibly on the world...

The conversion of former Atlas and Titan missile silos and other government facilities/bunkers into a new safe and functional "hardened" shelter complex requires an in-depth knowledge of a specialized construction program management methodology and specific engineering expertise.

Our Multi-Hazard Design/Build Engineering Methodology encompasses all aspects of:

  • Blast Hardening
  • Blast Effect Mitigation
  • (CBRE) Weapons
  • Protective Design Technologies
  • Advanced Security
  • 2012 Mitigations
  • Climate Change
  • Conventional Weapons
  • Forced Entry

Our team of specialized engineers, architects, project managers, scientists and security specialists confidentially manage all aspects of protection programming, strategic planning, site assessment, site design, clandestine contracting, risk assessments, building systems placement, preparedness/response, alternative/solar energy systems, and construction.

We provide confidential, single-point responsibility for the complete evaluation, design and full conversion process - transforming the facility into the functioning realization of our Client's vision.

"Our clients priorities are our priorities."

Conversion services include:

  • Shelter Program/Project
  • Definition
  • Existing Facility Surveys/Recommendations
  • Budgeting
  • Funding Options
  • Sales Assistance
  • Estimating/Scheduling
  • Complete Design/Build
  • Construction Management
  • Security Designs and Move-In/Start-Up

Silo and Bunker Locations Available Throughout the U.S.

Missile silo or communications bunkers across the Unites States are available to be purchased and upgraded/retrofitted to a "Hardened Structure" for single family use or to be converted into a 2012 survival community.

Valley Falls, Kansas Kansas This site sits on 46 acres. Includes Paved half-mile driveway, 15,000 sq. ft. of floor-space, high chain-link fence with rolling gate around central complex. Many trees, game animals and birds are on the property. Creative financing possible with significant down payment.
Price: $275,000
Valley Falls, Kansas
Paris, Missouri Hardened underground communications vault on 13 acres. Built in the 1960's as a nuclear war-proof communications center, 8,200 sq. ft. usable floor space. Good neighbors. Near Mark Twain recreational lake. Excellent for underground home or secure document storage facility.
Price: $295,000
Paris, Missouri
Upstate NY's Adirondack State Park Adirondack State Park Most highly developed Atlas F site, part of exclusive airport subdivision on (FAA approved) 2050' runway. Low taxes, privacy, security, and unlimited possibilities. No other like it anywhere. Home and Silo only. More than 20 acres of adjoining land available as an additional purchase.
Price: $800,000
Upstate NY's Adirondack State Park
Russell, KS Communications bunker with 8,800 sq. ft. of nuclear hardened underground floor-space. 13.1 acres m/l. 177 ft. tower with income potential. Structure is clean and ready for immediate use with some new paint and tile work. Creative financing possible with significant down payment.
Price: $750,000
Russell, KS
Lilllyville, PA (40 miles away from a major city) Larger communications bunker with 16,000 sq. ft. of underground floor-space on 4 acres m/l. Above ground 30 ft. X 50 ft. building.
Price: $1,400,000
Lilllyville, PA
Denver, CO 210 total acres. Very rare piece of history – only 18 built. Massive 45,000 + sq. ft. of underground floor-space. Many unique possibilities for commercial or private usage.
Serious and capable buyers only.
Denver, CO
Lewis, NY (Adironback Park) This Atlas F site in the Adironback Park is already under development by Australian owner, seeking free-spirited, compatible partner/investor for further development into a unique (M.A.S.H. theme) entertainment venue suitable for dance parties and other profitable commercial uses. Detailed develpment plans with cost and profit analysis are available for examination.
Seeking investment of $1,000,000 for 50% ownership rights.
Lewis, NY