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Hardened Structures Operates Globally Including USA, Canada, South America, Europe, UK, UAE, Asia, Australia & New Zealand. Constructing a more secure future for you, your family, friends, corporates and governments. Make my enquiry to Hardened Structures. Email : Clarry@HardenedStructures.com.au Hardened Structures USA www.HardenedStructures.com

Best In The Risk Mitigation Business - Background, Design Experience & Projects

Hardened Structures Hardened Shelters, LLC. is a Professional Construction Program Management Company specializing in the confidential planning, design and covert construction of hardened facilities, underground bunkers, survival communities, deep earth bunkers, rural compounds and fortresses. Composed of specially trained architects, engineers, physicists, scientists, ex-military and security experts, the firm has been recognized as one of the world's most experienced team of underground shelter engineers and design / build firms.
Hardened Structures serves as an agent and advocate for their clients. They function solely to protect their client's best interests in the areas of Protection Programming, Design, Construction, Product Procurement, Privacy and Secrecy.
Protection Programming is an analytical activity which seeks to identify and state the client's need which then can be translated into a Statement of Requirements in such a way as to lead to design solutions that responds to the client's needs. These facilities are unparalleled in their Protection Program and technology. Client confidentiality and total project secrecy are paramount on all of the firm's design / build projects.
Hardened Structures offers a full spectrum of services as listed below:
  • Full Architectural & Design Services
  • Construction Contracting
  • Asset Value Assessment
  • Threat Hazard Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Full Risk Assessment
  • Site Selection and Layout Design
  • Blast Effects and Mitigations
  • Chemical, Biological and Radiological Protective Measures
  • Red Team Assault Exercises
  • Ventilation, Air Filtration and Sorbent Filtering Systems
  • Sustainable, Alternative, Geothermal, Climatic and #Solar Energy Designs
  • Budgeting and Estimating
  • Full Construction Contracting
  • Long Term Survivability, Food Storage, Equipment and Shelter Management Plans
  • Planning & Design Services – full Architectural and #Engineering Design services. Critical Path scheduling, budgeting, product procurement, plan review, permitting, variance applications, owner representation.
  • Construction Services – from complete single point responsibility for all construction activities to off-site advisory roles.
A Hardened Structure Facility can be constructed in most localities, urban, suburban or rural. By its nature, a Hardened Structure is usually designed to perform its primary mission both during and after a war-like or criminal attack, in the event of a major natural disaster or accidental / man made emergency. Thus, making hardening one of its primary requirements and a significant part of the cost.
We address these challenges by employing a Multi-Hazard Engineering methodology that not only recognizes individual hazards / threats sequentially but also address all hazards/threats simultaneously as a problem of optimization under constraints. The facility can be protected against a wide range of threats including forced entry, armed assault; chemical, biological, radiological, explosive (CBRE) agents, air-blast, ground shock, penetration, fragmentation and damage to the structure and equipment due to explosive loading.
Hardened Structures Hardened Shelters, LLC is the US distributor for #TEMET brand products. TEMET is the world leader in Hardened Shelter Technology providing protective solutions for all types of civilian and military protective structures.
TEMET has been active in this technology since the 1950's, conducting research, development, testing and production of all critical components and systems of hardened shelters. The Finnish legislative requirements and long-term shelter building program for the civilian population has laid the foundation for TEMET's strong technological standing in shelter technology.
TEMET's strength is the ability to rapidly develop new protective solution applications to meet with the most demanding protection criteria. Teaming together, Hardened Structures and TEMET will provide peer plan reviews of the shelter layout, functionality, system equipment, egress and ingress of the shelter.
Hardened Structure's ATF Import License # is ( available upon application ) and the firm's registration number with the DDTC is ( available upon application ).

Projects : Design Build Experience

Private Residence Shelters - USA
  1. Project name: Private Residence Shelters
  2. Description of projects: A 4,300 SF (372 SM) and a 10,000 SF (929 SM) underground shelter complete with EMP protection, designed for full range of catastrophic events including a 3 bar blast overpressure.
  3. Description of design work actually performed by the design entity: Hardened Structures provided complete structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing design including NBC filtration systems, fuel storage systems, EMP protection design and site layout.
  4. Location of projects: USA
  5. Dollar value of the projects: $3,500,000 and $8,000,000

Projects : Examples 2015 

A. A bunker, 10’x50’ (500SF ) , prefab steel unit, plus underground generator enclosure, tunnel to master bedroom, escape tunnel . . . 
The excavation was for an actual permitted swimming pool, pool deck and cabana. The bunker went under the cabana and pool deck, and a midnight overnight delivery and backfill.

B. A 250SF earth sheltered one bedroom suite with full EMP protection and off grid energy. EMP shielding drove the price higher.

C. A 600SF two bedroom plus loft hardened retreat home. Earth bermed.

D.  A new 3,500 SF hardened home with an additional 800SF hardened bunker.

E. Safe rooms - how long one is going to stay in the safe room makes a huge impact. 12 hours is far different than 72 hours. And beyond 72 hours becomes a full specification bunker project.

F. Survival retreats both within the USA and internationally - ongoing.