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Electric Infrastructure Security Summit ( Including EMP ) Agenda.pdf - Capitol Hill, Washington, USA - May 2013 - PDF

Electric Infrastructure Security Summit (Including EMP) Agenda.pdf - Google Drive Link

A member aligned to the Hardened Structures team was a key note speaker at this event in May 2013.

The electric power grid and other rapidly evolving, interdependent infrastructures have brought our nations unprecedented prosperity and revolutionary change in the way we live, work and play. But the integration of nearly all these systems, and their profound dependence on electricity , has also given rise to new, serious dimensions of societal vulnerability.

The Electric Infrastructure Security Conference (EISS) Series was the primary annual framework for senior national and international government representatives, energy and insurance sector executives and leading scientists to share ideas and information, and explore ways to collaborate on protecting vital utilities and infrastructures.

The fourth annual world summit on infrastructure security, EISS IV WASHINGTON D.C. was built on the international security framework established over the previous three years. ( To preview previous EIS Summits, visit www.eissummit.com )

The theme of EISS IV was Resilience and Synergy. With the primary focus on electromagnetic threats (e-threats including EMP).