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new madrid adjustment earthquakes

"The New Madrid adjustment is close, and will happen before the end of 2020.The US will soon be dealing with the New Madrid, and fully into Martial Law programs with FEMA."

( Highly subjective whilst noteworthy : Forewarned Is Forearmed )

The stage has been set for catastrophic mega earthquakes of 8 & 9 inside the USA possibly within months.

At present, we would put the New Madrid Adjustment at 36% ++ completed ( 2% 2 years ago ), and this is due to vast changes below ground such as heaving and tearing"

(The comparable 1895 Charleston, MO quake covered the eastern half of the US, primarily affected, of course, were the states central to the New Madrid fault line - Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana.
But the effect covered at least half of the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Iowa, and crossed the border into the states of New York and Florida.)

"The African roll likewise has gotten serious, now at 32%, with the Mediterranean at Gibraltar starting to tear. The African roll will progress as the S American roll completes, as this creates a yaw in the South Atlantic. All of these events could complete WITHIN MONTHS, given the strength of the Earth wobble lately. It is possible for the New Madrid to start to unzip in hard rock while the Africa Roll completes, causing the tip of the Saudi Plate to tear through the oil fields of Iraq – dual disasters at the same time."
"The New Madrid adjustment is the last major plate movement to occur within the 7 of 10 predictions, triggering the European tsunami which completes the 7 of 10. We would place the Sunda Plate [2] sinking at 98%, with the tilting of the Philippine Plate [3] at 84%. These will complete quickly as the Indo-Australian Plate [1] continues to tilt and rise, allowing the Pacific to compress. The S American roll [4] is aggressive, now at 78%, with quakes up and down the Andes and the press of the Caribbean Plate to the west obvious on quake maps.
The New Madrid [9] adjustment will be triggered by the push against the tip of Mexico, since Fukushima negated the need for Japan [8] involvement. Prior to the event we have termed the big New Madrid rip, where the fault line unzips toward the Great Lakes and under the Seaway, there will be increasing disasters throughout N America followed by significant seismic activity along the San Andreas faultline and a European Tsunami. It will be obvious to authorities globally, and to the public, what is pending. 

Full Martial Law is alot closer than one might ever imagine resulting in major supply chain issues."

Forewarned Is Forearmed.

Source 1  Source 2

"The #New_Madrid Adjustment will awake the world, it's happening now, during next 2-4 months, then would be a good time to make an announcement as to the stark reality humanity is about to face headon like it or not"

One of many bridges over the Missippissi River pre the pending catastrophic mega earthquakes
#ShakenFuriously2020 : Are You Ready? Were You Ready?

"What - the USA ( Titanic ) is about to potentially hit the New Madrid Adjustment ( iceberg ) yet we don't want to alarm the passengers." 

"Defcon 5 is the least severe and Defcon 1 means total nuclear annihilation or all out nuclear war. Defcon 2 is the second most severe and this was reached during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Noting the above and other covert intel America ( along with a growing number of countries ) are currently in effect on DEFCON 2 - while this is not public knowledge for various reasons."

"The defense readiness condition (DEFCON) is an alert state used by the United States Armed Forces. The DEFCON system was developed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) and unified and specified combatant commands. It prescribes five graduated levels of readiness (or states of alert) for the U.S. military."

"The updated FEMA guidance would be for the 60 largest urban areas in the US and will rely on newer detonation models created by the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. These models take into account weather patterns that direct and distort weapon clouds, as well as the shelter provided by concrete structures. “A 10 times larger [explosion] yield does not make things 10 times worse,” LLNL’s Brooke Buddemeier said at the workshop. People remaining in shelters in the hours and days after a blast greatly lower their chances of getting radiation sickness.
The new FEMA plan will also have to consider modern contingencies such as cyberweapons striking power plants and cell phone signals before a blast, or a nuclear blackmail scenario where a single bomb is detonated followed by threats to set off more unless demands are met."
“In response to an audience question, [FEMA Chief of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Branch] said the agency has also considered scenarios where a nuclear bomb, a cyberattack, a coordinated electromagnetic pulse, and biological weapons all hit the US at the same time.”

                Reducing consequences of nuclear detonation : Concrete

The Secret History of the White House Underground - History Channel 2019 - sneak peek - featuring Brian Camden Principal Hardened Structures
"Piecing together information from secret sources and a two-hundred-year evolution of the White House, investigative journalists and government insiders weigh in on the mystery of an unusual white box and a top-secret construction project dubbed the "Big Dig" that took place outside of the West Wing from 2007-2012. Using little known images, previously classified material and detailed graphics, the search for truth reveals not only what secrets might lay below the White House, but how their existence could affect democracy as we know it. In 2010, tall fences went up outside the West Wing of the White House. This massive $376 million-dollar construction project was intensely guarded from the prying eyes of the press and downplayed as nothing more than a routine upgrade to the wiring and air conditioning systems of the White House. What is the true story behind this sprawling, multistory structure whose underground assembly required truckloads of heavy-duty concrete and steel beams?
Many have speculated that the real center of power for the White House is underground. From the first bunkers built to protect FDR and Truman to the rumored passageways, elevators and vault doors with biometric access control systems, “Engineering the White House” will use CGI to explore both the hidden and known lairs that that lie beneath the most important piece of real estate in the America.This special aired as part of Presidents Week on History in 2019."

Image Forbes Going Inside A Billionaire's Apocalypse Shelter The Oppidum

"We all met up that night for dinner, inevitably at Moorish Blue, Sydney, Australia,. Martin ( Russian / Chilean bodyguard / DJ ) drove there at incredible speeds, blasting out Little River Band remixed at high volume. The guest star at dinner was Jakub Zamrazil, a Czech who had flown into Sydney to have talks with Clarry about selling a massive underground nuclear shelter / data center in a secret location in the Czech Republic."
NZ Herald Nov 2018

Sept 2019: Underground facilities of significance including 10,000 sq/m+ EMP protected Fortified Data Centers ( with sophisticated cooling systems ) are currently available in Europe, USA & internationally upon request.

Contact : Clarry@HardenedStructures.com.au

"We highly recommend Hardened Structures to all our clients!
From safe room design all the way to multi-million dollar bunkers, Hardened Structures does it all. 
If you're looking for ultimate in quality and OPSEC, give them a call!" 
Todd Liken-Savage Black Rifle Real Estate Company : Idaho USA 
Black Rifle Real Estate Facebook 
Black Rifle Real Estate Company

"Are the Australian fires raging across the entire country at the end of 2019 due to drought and heat? These factors contribute but the lift of the Indo-Australian Plate is also a factor. Just as the California fires are due in part to the SUBDUCTION of the Pacific Plate pushing under California, Australia is dealing with plate movement consequences. As the Indo-Australian Plate is pushed under Tibet, it lifts at the New Zealand edge, creating a void under the plate that hot molten lava rushes to fill. This temporary river of lava is heating Australia and warmed ocean currents to the East of New Zealand." ZT


VICE TV : Hunting the One Percent’s Doomsday Bunkers in New Zealand : May 2019

Satire : "Clarry's Bodyguard At The End Of The World" :  Hardened Structures Australia / NZ 
NZ Herald Nov 2018

Wealthy American's have stepped up investment in New Zealand

Doomsday Prep For The Super-Rich New Yorker Magazine

The New Yorker Magazine
( New Zealand is profiled )
30th January 2017
Evan Osnos


Silicon Valley's Doomsday: Prepping For An     Economic Apocalypse : Divided America Part 1 of 4 AJ+ Docos

Published on Jun 28, 2017

As Silicon Valley works toward an automated future, many fear that the resulting unemployment will cause deep unrest, and soon. These survivalists are preparing themselves and their families to live out this technological apocalypse in style, complete with bunkers, off-grid homes and the guns to defend them.

AJ+'s documentary series Divided America explores the new realities of a country split along ideology, religion, race and wealth. The four-part series examines the issues of refugees fleeing for Canada, the wealthy preparing for economic disaster, defunding of Planned Parenthood and the battle over public land in the West. 

The American Redoubt - Articles

Image The Sanctum Fortified Luxury Eco Villias Chiang Mai Thailand Nuclear Fallout Shelters

"But it is perhaps the most timely addition of a fully equipped concrete nuclear fallout shelter that has buyers excited.  Built into the ground floor of each villa, with its own HEPA air filtration system, the shelter doubles as a home spa or third bedroom, and is made of the most advanced designs through Hardened Structures, one of the top American engineering companies specializing in custom bomb shelters." 
Forbes Magazine August 15th 2017

NB : Full Hardened Package Upon Request

Contact : Clarry@HardenedStructures.com.au

Image The Sanctum Fortified Luxury Eco Villias Chiang Mai Thailand Nuclear Fallout Shelters
Official Twitter Page, USACE US Army Corps of Engineers, NY District. Tweeting about engineering missions serving the public.

MILCON : Military "Grade" Construction
 New York City

Bunker: The Architecture of Dread ( Penguin Publishing : August 2020 ) : Dr Bradley Garrett
"Prepping for the apocalypse: bunkers, bullets, bitcoins and billionaires : Doomsday Prepping, or equipping oneself to survive an imminent apocalypse, has morphed from the activity of a small sub-culture to become a multi-billion dollar industry. For some Americans, investing in a modest, subterranean bunker with a blast door, has become a feasible alternative to a holiday home. 

Meanwhile, Silicon Valley’s super-rich have been building extravagant doomsday bunkers in remote parts of New Zealand, complete with underground cinemas, pools, cryogenic facilities and helipads. Dr Bradley Garrett is an urban geographer, interested in how we inhabit the spaces we build, and what that says about society on the whole. He’s also an urban explorer, accomplished at breaking into abandoned, subterranean spaces such as underground tunnels and disused Cold War bunkers. Brad’s current research project on ‘prepping’, undertaken for the University of Sydney, has seen him visit the sites of new and re-purposed bunker developments around the world, talking with wealthy developers, global bunker / fortified homes builders Hardened Structures, devout Mormons, and ‘mom and pop’ investors. He says the notion of planning for a future threat is not entirely irrational. He also has plans for a bunker of his own." 

Further information and listening : Bradley Garrett is a Research Fellow at the University of Sydney, School of Geosciences. Listen to Brad’s original conversation with Richard, on Urban Exploration. Podcast 52 mins

“My current research project is a multi-year ethnography with groups and individuals who are ‘prepping’ for calamity, disaster, and even apocalypse. This project is being undertaken as a University of Sydney Research fellow, and with the support of Penguin Books in the UK and Scribner in the USA, who will be jointly publishing Bunker: The Architecture of Dread in 2019.
These prepping activities, though similar to the back-to-the-wilderness survivalism of the past, are also a reflection of contemporary society. It has recently been estimated that three to four million Americans are preppers, and in recent years survivalism has expanded to more affluent quarters of society and well beyond America. From wealthy Russian oligarchs buying whole pacific islands, to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs purchasing swathes of land in New Zealand, to the Vivos Group’s recent acquisition of 575 derelict munitions bunkers in South Dakota, prepping today takes place on a broader scale and appeals to a wider range of actors. Their preparations also seem more rational with each eye-watering news cycle.

What is more terrible than the unknown? During World War II and the Cold War, people around the world lived with fear and anxiety about particular dangers – from aerial bombings to potential nuclear annihilation. Today however, we are paralyzed by dread, flailing in every direction to fend off the unknown, the undiscernible, the intangible and the boundless. Today, the elevation of fear onto the level of the sublime has filled us with inveterate dread.

If the four horsemen represent Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death, all indicators of chaos visited upon the world, then the fifth horseman is dread. Amorphous, chimeric, porous and insidious, the fifth horseman has embedded himself deep in the collective psyche, stimulating mental disorders and triggering waves of activities – desperate attempts to stave off the fermenting affects. In prepping, I argue, contemporary survivalists are not actually preparing for speculative calamity but are instead are trying to control the present by building a solution for a problem they have not yet identified, one perpetuated by dread, the fifth horseman.

Preppers, however militant and exclusionary they may appear at first blush, deserve to be responded to with empathy and given space to articulate their motivations, particularly in the context of much recent research around the Anthropocene, which makes quite clear that we are past the tipping point and that the world we knew is undergoing rapid transformation. As such, adaptation is overtaking mitigation in climate change discourse, and understanding the motivations of preppers may play an important role in understanding that shift, if we see their activities as being rooted in a form of existential dread that is undertheorized and understudied yet all-too-familiar. Respect or despise their ethos, they may also provide us with key solutions, since their cultural practices hinge on solutions and action; on the production of space.

Bunker  will follow both the builders and buyers of survivalist architectures. Unlike many journalists, I am less interested in the newsworthy-nature of the constructions and more interested in the philosophy behind the construction, the characters involved, and the ways the environments and communities they build in will take shape over the next few years.

If you are a prepper or involved in prepping activities and would like to get in touch, please email me
Dr Bradley Garrett : Bunker: The Architecture of Dread (2019)

Opening the Bunker: Function, Materiality, Temporality : Abstract Link Dec 2018  

Notes from an Apocalypse : April 2020

Hardened Structures Company Profiles

Hardened Structures In The Media
Image Hardened Structures Dujour Magazine  : Home At The End Of The World


Hardened Structures HQ Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA 
Contact Brian Camden : Founding Principal

Hardened Structures Paciific North West : Oregon
Contact Douglas Clark  : Architect, Project Manager
Douglas Clark : Houzz
Douglas Clark : Black Rifle Real Estate Team

Douglas Clark at the 2016 Texas Grid Security Summit

Hardened Structures Orange County, California
Contact Kathy Buck : Real Estate Broker & Marketing Consultant

Hardened Structures Colorado
Contact Aaron Voorhees 

Hardened Structures Asia
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Contact Ian Clarry : Founding Director, New Business Development, Online Media
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Military encrypted satellite phone number upon request

Martin Faltin : Security Lead Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Chile, Sweden, Russia

Further contact details appear on the Meet The Team : What To Expect When Planning A Hardened Structure post & on the Hardened Structures Weekly Paper Li ( Hardened Structures roadmap is listed / down the RHS on a larger screes ). 

We are actively seeking value added collaboration to grow the brand globally.

Hardened Structures Australia, Asia, New Zealand are inviting entities globally to both partner and or to consider direct investment on a value added basis ( details below & upon request in complete confidence ). Please contact Clarry@HardenedStructures.com.au 

  EMPEngineering.com ( A Division Of Hardened Structures ) - Engineering Solutions To Mitigate The Effects - Of Electomagnetic Weapons & Electromagnetic Storm Environments

Essentially, most other companies in this market segment are selling a product. A pre manufactured transportable bunker. They are offered in multiple sizes and configurations, but all seem to be of a similar scale and performance quality. 

The consumer needs to accept this quality level meets their needs and adjust purchase by selecting which vendor, which product, and which options.Similar to an automotive purchase.

This is adequate for many of the bunker seeking consumers in the sub $250k USD segment of the market.

Hardened structures approach is different. A / the term is "Bespoke".

We provide a SERVICE not a product. Licensed engineers, architects, and seasoned security professionals (Navy SEALS and similar) listen to each of a new potential clients needs, meet with them, visit their exact home site, or help make recommendations when multiple sites are short listed for final selection.
Our first service to clients is a Confidential Client Interview Process and Site Assessment comprised of at least 5 hours of preliminary contact time to determine three key components to shelter design
Client Threat Hierarchy,
Client Assets to Protect
Client Site assessment, tactical, strategic, conductibility etc.
The result of this initial interview process is the development of a pre-design program development document titled "The Personal Protection Plan" is a typical introductory letter we sent clients about these services.

This is a necessary precursor to professional design services.
If a client comes to a competitor and says we want a 300 square foot bullet proof safe room; the Vendor give them a product in about 300SF with some standard level of bullet resistance, with some possibility for upgrade, or maybe not.
Some vendors offer installation services, some vendors can recommend third party contractors to installs it, others are DIY.

When the same client comes to us we ask questions"
What threat are we protecting against? Example, "bullet proof" is a misnomer, its bullet resistant to one of about 9 UL752 level of protection or NIJ levels in roman numerals "1" through "IV" with sub "A" for each such as "IIIA" is 44 magnum handgun protection and lessor threats. We want to design protect against actual threats and neither over nor under engineer the right solution. Similar for nuclear/radiation protection. Is the client site in the epicenter of a potential blast area, like a major US metro area, or in a suburban neighborhood, or rural community far from and known targets. So these sorts of topics interface with the below line item about Site considerations

How many people are we protecting? (Why 300 SF, what if we find-out they have a family/friends group of 8)
Where is this going to be built, inside a house, next to the house, under the house. How does someone enter the bunker, what is the emergency escape plan.

Based on the clients responses to our personal protection plan, we can then advance with an actual design solution for the client, the program informs about what is the project scope, budget, site, etc, and what team member we need to provide the design services, what contractors to enlist, products to use, budget to aim for.

These services cost money upfront, and take time. So for a very fast and/or low budget clients, the recommended solution may be, that they purchase a metal prefabricated bunker form a vendors. We are ok making this recommendation when its in the client's best interest to do so.
We have referred literally dozens of clients to the metal bunker companies, and will continue to do so, when its the right solution for the clients needs.

But often even these projects need some level of "bespoke" services, such as how to connect a backyard bunker to an existing home, how to hardened the existing home to delay a forced entry incursions to gain time and situational awareness for the client to gather their children and get to protection, or to provided off grid power to a bunker, or planning emergency egress forma  bunker, and what to do next.

I like to say: "History has been very unkind to refugees" so planning for life after sheltering in place is also part of our consulting services.

Additionally Hardened Structures has site search consultants and tactical training consultants, as well as partnering relations with bunker "kits" for true DIY folks to build themselves or with local tradesmen, and can provide ongoing consulting during construction to advise and recommend methods of construction and product selections.

Douglas Clark is an architect and former US Army Airborne Infantry Officer with Hardened Structures and would be glad to assist you with your project to develop a hardened shelter to meet your stated requirements.
( An introductory brochure is available ).
Costs for a hardened underground shelter varies widely range based on location and the level of protection and types of threats being protected against.
In general, any person seeking such a structures needs to understand the costs of a Hardened Shelter with full life supporting infrastructure are significantly more expensive than a comparable level of luxury in any above ground wood frame home.
We begin each project for our clients with a compensated pre-design consultation service to identify the clients Threat Hierarchy, Assets to Protect, and the Specific Site Conditions. Hardened Structures has developed a Confidential Client Interview Process over the past 26 years to help guide our clients through the necessary decisions to make regarding shelter development.
The deliverable document of this pre-design phase is titled “The Personal Protection Plan” and is similar to professional architects’ pre-design consultation services to define a scope of work and arrive at a possible timeline and conceptual estimate of the project.

The Personal Protection Plan is a narrative and graphic document which documents our findings and recommendations for each client as the precursor to the start of any well thought out design and engineering solution.
  • Client Specific needs development: Identification of client threat hierarchy and Assets to Protect (client group and material assets). It is essential we understand the types of threat we are required to protect each client against. If this is not something you have thought through we have a well developed checklist to discuss with our clients. We also need to arrive at a mutual understanding of the quality and performance levels to achieve. In the Assets to Protect category, we look at many factors including the number of persons to be protected, for how long, and what are the relationships between the parties along with the special needs or skills the group members have. We also help clients plan for after the sheltering event to prevent survivors, who have invested considerable resources developing a hardened shelter, from becoming refugees after the sheltering event occurs.
  • Site Analysis: Based on the clients disclosed threats to protect against, we investigate the site on both on a local and regional scale. We look at both the immediate tactical implications on an event on site, as well as the overlying issues within a particular region vs. the clients’ threats; to be able to foresee participatory events which may modify our recommended solutions.
  • Qualitative Shelter Criteria Recommendations: Based on Threat Hierarchy and the client group we provide our recommendation as to levels of protection needed, and types of technology we recommend including in the shelter solution.
  • Space Planning Program Statement: based on all of the above data and recommendations, we develop a tentative listing of spaces needed within the structure with approximate sizing, and any known adjacency requirements. This becomes the guide for launching into formal design services. If your home is already designed and/or constructed, we may have recommendations to help secure the home in a manner which allows all members of your group to come together and access the shelter quickly and safely in light of an emerging threat event. This topic is not to be overlooked, since the shelter is of no use if your entire family or group cannot gain access to it when it is most urgently needed.
  • Conceptual Cost Estimate: based on approximate per square foot cost at regional market rates for a licensed general contractor to execute the project.
  • Plan of Action: We identify the next steps our client’s need to take to move their project forward and outline the project development process specific to each clients needs.
Please let us know if we may prepare a proposal to present to you for this initial consulting service and some available dates to meet and the best airport to fly into so we can include our expected travels costs. 

Premiered August 7th August

"More than 200 people died and thousands were displaced as an unusually heavy monsoon season brought flooding and landslides leaving devastation across India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Torrential rains also triggered unprecedented floods and landslides in southeast China, displacing 77,000 people and affecting more than 20 million.
North America had its share of heavy rain too, leaving Washington and Pittsburgh swamped, and engulfing New Orleans turning streets into rivers that swept away dozens of cars and forced many to paddle their way in kayaks. The heat wave that affected some parts of Europe, was overshadowed by violent storms, flash-flooding and mudslides throughout the region; including Spain, Romania, France, and Austria - but this was just a day in the park for Italy. Severe weather in the country brought apocalyptic hailstorms, flash floods that swept away cars like toys, and winds so fierce they uprooted large trees leaving behind all sorts of devastation. Several intense earthquakes took thousands by surprise around the world this month, a 5.7 Mag in Iran, 6.6 Mag in Western Australia, 7.3 Mag in eastern Indonesia, a 5.3 Mag in the capital of Greece... but the most significant ones took place in southern California; a 6.3 Mag, considered the most intense in decades, only to be eclipsed by a 7.1 Mag earthquake the following day and raising fears of 'the big one'."

Premiered July 7th 2019

"All over the world last month massive and sudden deluges swept away land, homes and people. Although it's the start of 'summer' in the Northern hemisphere, the Lake Baikal region in Siberia saw its worst flooding in living memory, flooding occurred in the deserts of Yemen, Libya, New Mexico and Mongolia, while cities from southern Mexico to southern Italy were hit with massive quantities of hail.
The manifestation of back-to-back extremes, in both space and time, is the defining characteristic of this 'age of transition' we have entered. The first half of June brought wet and wild with weather to Europe, with violent storms inundating the region with rain, cold and hail... but in the second half of the month an extreme heatwave struck, causing all-time record high temperatures in France and raging wildfires in Spain. Strong earthquakes in China, Japan and Indonesia were accompanied by major volcanic eruptions along the Ring of Fire. The massive quantities of ash and dust they pump into the atmosphere, likely significant factors driving climate change, along with the 'meteor smoke' from trails of meteor fireballs, were 'reflected' last month by the major outbreak of 'night-shining' clouds at unprecedentedly low latitudes. All that, and more, in this month's SOTT Earth Changes Summary..."

Premiered June 8th, 2019

Winter is coming... In May! The sun has been spotless for 19 consecutive days - almost 3 full weeks, could this be one of the many signals of beginning of a new ice age, mini....or maxi? May 2019 became yet another portent of what may be to come in the not so distant future for most of the world: sheets of rain, floods, massive hail, plunging temperatures, unseasonalable snow, damaged and failed crops, significant earthquakes, tornados and more volcano eruptions. Heavy rains and widespread floods hit most of the US Midwest, parts of Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In the US, the Mississippi river overflowed due to heavy rains, breaking historical records. At least three people died, and tens of thousands have been displaced. In Europe, Germany and Austria received over 1 month's worth of rain that flooded streets and disrupted travel. While the Middle East saw flash floods leaving dozens dead, houses destroyed and streets wiped out. In China torrential rains turned deadly with over 200,000 affected. Unseasonable snow also continued in May, with heavy blankets covering the Midwest and western US, with parts of Europe also affected, resulting in delayed planting and damaged crops. Meanwhile in Australia early snow falls dumped snow right across the country. The Ring of Fire remained active this May with increased volcanic activity and a 6.2 Mag earthquake in El Salvador sparking panic and tsunami warnings. Peru was also rocked by a huge 8.0 Mag earthquake that was felt as far as Brazil, leaving one dead and several injured. All that, and more, in this month's SOTT Earth Changes Summary...

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Published on Oct 1, 2018 ( and monthly )

Hurricane Lessons: batten down, dome shape shelters, projectile force, hurricane cones, Florence cone switch, Correolis effect, storm surge, tidal bore, NYC underground flooding, Houston deluge, Katrina levees, soil melt, unquenchable fires, snakes and crocs, pig poop and coal ash, power plants, distill water, generators, off-grid power, volunteers, Cajun Navy, houseboats, hand tools, Baraboo river, stilt homes, Palu Bay tsunami, S American roll, wealthy expectations.

Published on Jul 1, 2019
Zeta Talk : You Tube 45 mins : Cascade Events: Daily Wobble, Rain, Failing Dams (Dunlap, Hoover, Oroville, Hanson, Minas Gerais), Train Derailments, Landslides, Water and Gas Main breaks, Exploding Factories, Drought, Okeechobee fires, Deluge and Hail, 2019 US Deluge, Crop Failure, Temperature Swings, Heat Stress on Chickens and Cattle, Record Heatwaves (India, Kuwait), Wildfires (Canada, Arctic), 2019 Memorial Day Tornado Rampage in US, Sewage in Drinking Water, Black Death returns.

[ You Tube 45 mins September 2018 ] #PoleShift Shock: #Sichuan Long-Eye Mask, Biblical #Trumpets, Japanese Jomon pottery, #SkySpirals#FireStorms, Trench Survival, #SanAndreas#IceAges#Mammoth #Extinction, New Geography, Shiva, #SecondSun, String of Pearls, #EarthWobble, Siberian Darkness, Alberta #Darkness, North Slope quakes, #Fiji #quakes#Genoabridge#collapse#Venezuela quakes, Booms, #Wobble measures, #Moon Face

Published on Aug 6, 2018 ( and monthly )
Scripted Drama and 7 of 10 on the increase; recent Bali quake; Earth plate movement History; Pangea; India plunge under Himalayas; Aboriginal awareness; Australia floods 2011; Bangkok and Cambodia flooding 2011; S America drained beaches 2017; Trinidad mud volcano 2018; S American and Africa rolls; Exodus and Kolbrin history; African Rift Valley; Kenya crevasse 2017; Ural Mountains methane 2014; frozen Mammoths and Potsdam U findings; pending crustal shift; Last Weeks detail; Fake News and the Nibiru coverup.

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Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection: The 

Secret History of the World - Book 3

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