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Temet Protective Solutions - Oil and Gas . . .

TEMET - Supply Chain Partners

Process Industry

The hazards related to explosions and fires are most eminent in chemical and petrochemical plants that treat increasing volumes of highly flammable agents. The more complicated the process, the higher the risk of accident. Failure to invest in safety can lead to costly outcomes. Temet's cutting edge technology will prevent accidents from turning into major incidents.

Petrochemical Industry

Temet's technology is used world wide in oil refineries, off-shore platforms, control buildings, field auxiliary rooms and laboratories, analyzer and instrument houses and electrical substations. The new blast resistant technology accounting for the combined effect of pressure and fire present in hydrocarbon deflagration allows for optimized protection of ventilation systems and passageways of all hardened industrial facilities.

Other Process Industries

Temet is constantly expanding its industrial product line and finding new applications outside the petrochemical industry; our protective solutions successfully serve the protection needs within other process industry such as other chemical and pulp and paper plants.

Process Industry references and case studies:

  • Zubair Oil Field , Iraq, 2013
  • Suncor MCB locker Complex, Canada, 2013
  • Kazakhstan Caspian Offshore Industries, 2013
  • Daewoo Shipbuilding, Matrine Engineering, Korea, 2012
  • Borouge U&O, UAE, 2012
  • Barzan Project, UAE, 2012
  • Shell E&I Shop, USA, 2012
  • Harbin Oil Refining Project, China 2011