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    See the Hardened Structures editorial in The Big 5 Daily Magazine Day 2 Page 74 : Day 4 Pages 8 & 48 : Dubai UAE November 17th~20th 2014

    Partnering Globally, BIG 5 Dubai, UAE 2014 Editorial & Images

    Dubai UAE November 17~20th 2014
    See The Below Hardened Structures EDITORIAL In The Big 5 Daily Magazine Day 2 Pages 74 & Ad Page 54
    Day 4 Hardened Structures Ad Pages 8 & 48

    Security Expertise At Hardened Structures

    BIG 5 Dubai Image""Hardened Structures offers security protection previously available only to governments. It has more than 23 years of experience in fortified shelters and the fortified eco home design-build industry and provides protection programming and design solutions for any type of facility.
    It helps in securing all structures against a wide range of threats including forced entry, armed assault, chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosive (CBRNE) agents, air-blast, ground shock, penetration, fragmentation, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and damage to the structure and equipment due to explosive loading.
    Brian Camden Principal at Hardened Structures USA said: "We can save you from a disaster and here's why. We have relationships with key subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers. Our staff are experienced in managing challenging projects in extreme conditions. Modular solutions are not only more economical, they can also be customised according to the client's requirements. Our products are sustainable and our service ensures that every company gets what only governments could afford until now.
    He said: "We believe that The Big 5 will give us an opportunity to connect with the security market in the Middle East and internationally."
    The company has worked on military, commercial and environmental projects. These projects were about protection against blast, CBRNE agents and full HEMP / EMP shields although our expertise is not limited to security. HS engineering solutions have been recognised by international experts on counter terrorism and critical infrastructure protection.
    HS wants to promote personal VIP, corporate, industrial and governmental shelter systems through its attendance at The Big 5.
    Even though the company has steel fabrication facilities in the UAE along with numerous suppliers and contractors, HS has revealed plans to open a new Middle East branch.
    NB: Hardened Structures is also inviting entities globally to both partner and or to consider direct investment on a value added basis ( details below & upon request in complete confidence ).""
    Phone Within The USA Toll Free On +1 (877) 486-0084 / +1 (757) 486-0200 During Normal Office Hours and / or via email Clarry@HardenedStructures.com.au
    BIG 5 Dubai Image
    BIG 5 Dubai Image
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    What We Offer:
    Hardened Structures will provide the following to the successful Contractor:
    • Specific Internet Domain Names, e.g.: "HardenedStructuresofCalifornia" and Area"CaliforniaBunkers".
    • Numerous Hardened Structures security projects ranging from $500k to $50 million.
    • Business Operating Plans containing explicit technical procedures to perform Risk Assessments, Site Selection, and Design
    • Management, Full Construction Contracting, Building Systems Placement, Security Procedures and Storage Requirements.
    • Training Manuals for Company Executives and 40 hours in-office training.
    • Design Phase Management procedures for Multi-Hazard Architectural, Engineering methodology.
    • Tested and proven Contract Agreements for Design and Construction.
    • Selected A/E Firms for complete Design Services.
    • Specialized equipment at discount costs for: blast doors, impact glazing, blast valves, ballistic doors/glass, filtering systems,
    • Sorbent filters, solar and alternative energy systems.
    • Cost Estimating software especially designed for Hardened Structures.
    • Critical Path Scheduling software especially designed for Hardened Structures.
    • Use of the Hardened Structures and Bunker Builder Trademarks in your territory.
    • Extensive advertising both locally and nationally.
    • Project Specific Construction Engineering as needed.
    • Hardened Structures Hardened Shelters, Hardened Structures, Hardened Shelters, Hardened Homes and Bunker Builders are all U.S. Registered Trademarks.

    Partnering Opportunities

    Join a proven network of solution providers as a Hardened Structures “Affiliate” in this rapidly growing specialized field.
    Hardened Structures is in the process of expanding our nationwide and international network of companies who represent us in their respective territory. All prospective companies who wish to join the Hardened Structures team must pass a security and background investigation check. In addition, there is a cost to obtain the Hardened Structures license for specific territory. The selected company and its employees will be required to execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement, Licensing Agreement and Non-Compete Agreement.
    The selected contractor will be provided projects and sales leads in their territory, but will not have to change their company name. These products will be an "Add On" to their existing business. Our research has shown that the ideal business candidates to install Hardened Structures products and to implement the Hardened Structures Multi-Hazard Construction Program Management Methodology are established:
    • Commercial Construction Contractors
    • Land Developers
    • General Contractors
    • Site Contractors
    • Concrete Contractors
    • Custom Home Builders
    • Architectural and/or Engineering Firms
    • Security Firms
    These types of businesses are classified as a "Fragmented Industry" (an industry where most of the businesses are independent operators.) Experience has proven that Fragmented Industries traditionally benefit from branded consolidation. Furthermore, the businesses listed above generally have the technical, business and legal experience necessary to implement the Hardened Structures Multi-Hazard methodology for a design / build program.

    Please email Clarry@HardenedStructures.com.au

    Fortified Eco Hardened Homes : Chateau Pensmore, Ozark Mountains, Missouri : Geothermal Heat Exchanger


    General Information
    Type: Insulated concrete form
    Architectural style: Châteauesque
    Location: 2700 Woods Fork Road, Highlandville, Missouri
    Coordinates: 36°52' 47" N93° 12' 45"W
    Construction started: 2008 - 2013
    Governing body: Private
    Technical Details
    Floor area: 72,215 square feet (6,709.0 m2)
    Image Chateau Pensmore : Fortified Eco Hardened Homes

    Pensmore is a mansion under construction in the Ozark Mountains of Highlandville, Missouri. When completed, the home will be the private residence of Steven T. Huff and his family. It will be one of the largest private single-family residences in the United States. Huff is the chairman of TF Concrete Forming Systems, which is doing the concrete construction work for the home. Huff at one time worked in Army intelligence and was a CIA officer. Huff later founded Sensor Systems in 1993 and served as its CEO. The company, later known as Overwatch Systems, created leading commercial software products for medical, defense and intelligence applications.


    Steven T. Huff Family LLC applied for a construction permit in 2008 to begin construction of the mansion. The home is unique, as it is an insulated concrete form structure that is designed to showcase sustainable construction techniques on a large scale. The home is designed to be earthquake resistant, bullet proof, blast proof, tornado resistant, bug resistant, and fire resistant. The home is capable of withstanding an EF5 tornado.
    The home will approach net zero on heating and cooling. Pensmore will utilize thermal heat collectors, a geothermal ground source heat exchanger, radiant heating and cooling, advanced climate control software, rainwater collection, and helix steel fibers.
    Huff chose the location in Missouri because the state offers a climate that has both warm and cold temperatures, which allows for better testing of the green technologies in the home. Additionally, the rural location in Highlandville was known for lack of construction regulation. The project is not subject to building regulations or building inspections, which would have complicated construction efforts.


    A variety of exciting new technologies allow Pensmore to dramatically cut energy costs without sacrificing practicality.
    Pensmore's heating system utilizes a cutting-edge technique for harvesting solar heat energy that exploits the vast energy storage potential of its steel reinforced TransForm concrete shell. Many builders already make use of traditional solar heat collectors, which are highly efficient at moderate temperatures. But until now, it has been expensive and impractical to "bank" the excess solar heat generated on sunnier days. Pensmore's newly-developed technologies enable it to store millions of BTUs of thermal energy while the sun shines, slowly releasing this "green" heat back into the interior at night and during cloudy days.
    Secondary sources of heat include combustion of wood products grown on the estate (net carbon neutral) and "conventional" geothermal systems.
    Similarly, Pensmore's cooling system will make use of a unique technology that is both innovative and practical. We will be releasing more detailed information on the heating, cooling, and air conditioning systems in the future, so check back for updates as the chateau approaches completion.
    Sustainability means more than just energy efficiency. It also means minimizing total life-cycle costs through low and zero-maintenance materials, and reduced use of non-renewable products during construction. Perhaps one of the biggest environmental advantages of Pensmore is its inherent durability. Designed to endure for centuries, the chateau will leave a minimum impact on the environment while other structures are built, demolished and built again and again.
    Pensmore relies on the following systems and technologies:
    • TransForm: super-insulated energy-storing concrete forming system
    • Solar thermal heat collectors
    • Geo-thermal
    • Radiant heating and cooling
    • Advanced climate control software
    • Rainwater collection
    • Helix steel fibers
    Pensmore is particularly noteworthy for its exceptional structural integrity. A proprietary TransForm concrete shell is reinforced with a special blend of Helix steel fibers by PolyTorx, making it highly resistant to extreme disaster conditions-including tornados, earthquakes, and even blasts. We believe these structural features will find application in some of the most turbulent regions of the world, where builders face unique challenges.
    TransForm: TransForm is the next generation of insulated concrete form (ICF) technology developed by TF Concrete Forming Systems. Its versatility enables a builder to take virtually any architectural design and implement it with superinsulated concrete, optimally placing the insulation to take maximum advantage of the thermal mass effect. While several ICF systems exist on the market, many have steep learning curves, result in warped or out of true walls, and are prone to "blowing out" unpredictably on the job site as the concrete is poured into the forms. TransForm's patented design is simple for contractors to learn and use, and boasts new features that have virtually eliminated the "blow out" problem. Finally, the system is versatile enough to accommodate the complicated jogs and angles of Pensmore's French chateau design. TransForm allows even the most sophisticated architectural styles to be molded out of reinforced superinsulated concrete.
    Helix: As a building material, concrete is extremely resistant to compressive forces. Still, most concrete structures need to be reinforced with special bars, grids, plates, or fibers for added tensile strength-particularly in high-stress environments. Pensmore™ accomplishes this with Helix steel fibers by PolyTorx: a reinforcement technology originally developed at the University of Michigan for earthquake and blast resistance in situations where rebar would simply not be enough.
    As concrete is stressed or bent, rebar and ordinary fibers begin to fail after frictional pull out. But Helix fibers feature a unique "twist" shape that increases the frictional resistance-much like trying to pull a corkscrew from a cork without untwisting it. More importantly, the "twist" shape changes the failure mechanism from friction to a torsional mode. The additional force required is so large that the result is a performance level never before possible. This makes our structure more resistant to extreme weather and disaster conditions, allowing its concrete walls to absorb shocks and bend with them instead of breaking away from the steel rebar that reinforces it.
    Concrete is one of the strongest and most durable known building materials in the world. Many Roman concrete structures built over two thousand years ago are still standing. By applying state-of-the-art technology to an ancient building material, Pensmore™ takes concrete building to the next level.

    Building Pensmore

    Comfort Design Inc. collaborates with Pensmore™ on its unique HVAC system.
    Select individuals and companies have come together in collaboration to bring this living laboratory to life. On this page you will find information about these individuals and companies, and the roles they play in building Pensmore.

    Core Technologies

    TF Forming Systems developed and manufactures the TransForm super-insulating energy storing concrete forming system that is used to form the structural components of Pensmore. TransForm results in very straight and true walls of incredible strength.
    Helix: The TF forming system can utilize any type of concrete and reinforcement. For Pensmore we use a combination of conventional steel rebar and Helix, a unique ultra-high performance steel fiber from Polytorx. Helix reinforces in all directions and makes the concrete much stronger and more elastic.
    Andersen Corporation is the selected manufacturer of windows and doors for Pensmore. The developers chose products with Stormwatch® protection and SmartSun™. Specifically designed for coastal applications, windows with Stormwatch® provide added weather and security protection 24/7. SmartSun™ blocks 95 percent of UV light, which can be instrumental in reducing energy consumption and reduce fading of interiors. This combination provides a window and door solution that is both disaster resistant and energy efficient.
    Meek's The Builder's Choice  is Pensmore's preferred source for building materials. We turn to Meek's to supply Andersen windows, roof LVLs, shingles, and more because of the personal attention they provide. We also utilize the unique tools at their one-of-a-kind design center.
    City Wide Concrete is the Ready Mix plant that supplied the concrete for our TransForm walls. City Wide adds Helix steel fibers at the plant. Superplasticizers allow a very strong but highly pumpable mix.
    Vulcraft supplied the steel joists and pan used to support the concrete deck floors of Pensmore.
    Deville Steel supplied rebar and various steel components including beams and bearing plates.

    10 : Silo Conversions

    Beneath the grime, water and other signs of outward distress, many former nuclear bases and missile bunkers retain their top-notch construction achieved with the highest grade steel and concrete materials. Designed to last for generations, these locations can be inwardly and outwardly restored to provide unparalleled protection and security.
    Hardened Structures has completed several retrofits of existing missile silos and telecommunication bunkers which include a private runway and helicopter landing pad, fiber optics, ventilation systems designed to detect and eliminate CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) contaminants, and a five star executive living interior.
    These silos or bunkers, when fully retrofitted, offer single families or groups of families forming a survival community, exceptional survivability in a comfortable environment designed to client specifications.
    Hardened Structures has available silos or bunkers in the following states which are immediately available to be purchased and retrofitted for any purpose.

    9 : Genesis Series

    The "NEXT GENERATION" of Underground Shelter Systems

    The Hardened Structures "Genesis" series was developed for military applications and due to high customer demand for an Underground Shelter System that surpasses technical specifications offered by current shelter manufacturers to TRULY mitigate a wide variety of potential threats and disasters, including TEOTWAYKI (the end of the world as you know it) scenarios, while maintaining a very high level of safety and security.
    To meet market demand, Hardened Structures formed a special design and engineering team comprised of leaders in the field of Structural Engineering, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, EMP, Systems Engineering, and Architecture. This specialized team took over 6 months to design the NEXT GENERATION of Underground Shelter Systems called the "Genesis" series.
    The "Genesis" series represents the strongest, safest, best designed and built Underground Shelter System in the world. Features include:
    • 3 Bar blast overpressure protection
    • Multiple Seismic Events
    • 100% waterproof
    • Blast doors
    • Fully Protected against EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) and HEMP (High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse). Fiberglass shelters cannot offer EMP/HEMP protection, see more at the bottom of the page.
    • 100% rust resistance (zinc anodes)
    • The best military grade NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) air filtration system available in the world (Temet)
    • Integrated emergency escape hatch
    The Genesis Shelter System can be expanded to unlimited occupant loads and delivered and installed almost anywhere in the world. The "Genesis" series incorporates a modular approach .There are four main components to the Genesis series that can be purchased separately or combined together to form a Genesis community configuration:
    • Living Pods
    • Central Gathering / Dining Pods
    • Power Pods
    • Central Dome
    Single Genesis Living Pods can be purchased to suit small families offering a very high level of safety and security.

    To increase capacity or to offer a separate living, eating, and central gather area, the Genesis Gathering/Dining Pod can be added, thus increasing space and comfort for prolonged usage periods. This is a very serious consideration to examine when purchasing an Underground Shelter System.
    By adding numerous Genesis Living and Central Gathering/Dining pods, safety and comfort can be provided for a small community.
    The following pictures provide a realistic view of the interior space of the "Genesis" units. Interiors can be easily re-designed to accommodate client specific requirements. The technical specifications will not change, only the interior layout.

    The Genesis Living Pods can be added to the Genesis "Dome" - thus offering a very comfortable, spacious community accommodating between 50 to 150 people and can be connected in series to allow for an unlimited number or occupants. The Genesis Dome offers the very same technical specifications as the Genesis Pods to form a community that offers safety and security unparalleled by any other shelter product in the world.
    By adding on an additional Dome and Living Pods, this community can easily grow to 500 to 1000 people for durations in excess of 8 years - offering a true TEOTWAYKI structure built in 1/3 the time it would take for a custom design and construction. This benefit alone will make the Genesis Series the product of choice for the residential, commercial and military markets.

    Stand alone Dome PG1 Stand alone Dome PG2

    Several fiberglass subterranean shelter manufacturers claim that their shelters are HEMP/EMP protected and are MIL-STD-188-125 and MIL-HDBK-423 compliant. THIS IS NOT TRUE! If your shelter is not comprised of a conductive surface (i.e. metal) then it CANNOT be HEMP/EMP protected.
    Electromagnetic fields pass right through fiberglass without attenuation (indeed – many antenna coverings and radomes are actually MADE OUT OF FIBERGLASS – because electromagnetic fields pass right through them! Even if painted with conductive coatings, fiberglass shelters will not protect you against EMP threats.
    If you are considering a fiberglass shelter, then you are eliminating any possibility of protecting yourself from an EMP, because an EMP shelter has to be specifically designed and fabricated out of metal (preferably steel, for low-frequency performance) with each and every penetration engineered to keep out EMP energy.
    This is why Hardened Structures provides quality steel enclosures - so that we can protect you from as many threat scenarios as possible – including EMP threats.
    If you are going to invest in a shelter, ONLY a quality Hardened Structures steel shelter can protect you and your family from a broad spectrum of disaster scenarios that includes HEMP and EMP protection.
    Do your homework on HEMP/EMP protection - here is what the U.S. Military; MIL-HDBK-423 specification says about HEMP/EMP protection:
    The HEMP/EMP shield serves three functions as part of the EMP barrier:
    1. It prevents potentially damaging radiated electromagnetic stresses from an EMP event from reaching sensitive equipment inside the protective shelter by field reflection and attenuation (HS Comment: this is something fiberglass cannot do).
    2. HEMP-induced transients on exposed metal pipes and electrical conductors are deposited on the outer shield surface by the actions of point-of-entry protective devices and prevented from entering the protected volume by the skin effect – (HS Comment: whereas with a fiberglass shelter - the energy is conducted right INTO your shelter through pipes and wires and into your sensitive equipment!)
    3. The conductive shelter shield limits the number of ways that electromagnetic energy can enter the facility. (HS Comment: With a fiberglass shield there are unlimited ways in which electromagnetic energy can enter the facility)
    The conductive steel shield is the primary element of the electromagnetic barrier. The shield, exclusive of the penetrating conductor and aperture treatments, consists of the metallic enclosure portions of the electromagnetic barrier. The role of the shield is to exclude electromagnetic fields from the protected volume of the facility. The conductive shield acts to reflect the incident fields and severely attenuate those fields and currents that penetrate into the metal. (Comment: in other words, fiberglass cannot be an EMP shield!)
    To be effective, the shield must exclude or greatly attenuate incident electric and magnetic fields. To accomplish this, electromagnetic shielding surrounds a volume with a conductive layer that is thick enough so that highly-mobile electrons can arrange themselves and produce surface currents and charges that oppose the incident fields. This is the Faraday cage principle. External electric fields perpendicular to the surface are terminated on surface charges that form on the shield as its free electrons respond to the incident field. The tangential electric field is shorted and reflected by the conductive shield. Magnetic fields perpendicular to the surface induce eddy currents in the shield's surface. This, in turn, produces a magnetic field that opposes (i.e. "cancels") the incident field in and beyond the shield (inductive magnetic shielding). The tangential magnetic field induces current on the shield, which in turn produces a magnetic field that adds to the incident field (field doubling). (HS Comment: The end result is that with a steel EMP shield – you are fully protected from an EMP, with a fiberglass shield YOU ARE COMPLETELY VULNERABLE TO AN EMP)
    The essence of a good shielding layer is the maintenance of good electrical conductivity, or low resistance, over all portions of the surface. Leakage through a shield surface occurs to the extent that voltages develop across resistances or impedances in the surface, and these voltages act as sources to reradiate fields into the interior of the shielded volume. The bulk of the shield surface will be made up of metal sheet. (HS Comment: Fiberglass has high-resistance over all portions of the shield – it optimizes the transmission of EMP energy into the shield enclosure!)
    From MIL-STD-188-125-1:
    "4.3.1 Facility shield. The facility HEMP shield shall be a continuous conductive enclosure (i.e. NOT FIBERGLASS) that meets or exceeds shielding effectiveness requirements of this standard. The shield is normally constructed of a metal, such as steel or copper. Other materials may be used if they can provide the required shielding effectiveness and are fully compatible (HS Comment: Fiberglass is NOT compatible, nor can it ever be made compatible) with the Point-of-Entry protective treatments and grounding requirements."
    Listen to the company with Professional Engineers that build HEMP/EMP protected shelters for the U.S. Military!
    Hardened Structures STRONGLY recommends that if you do not purchase a steel shelter that includes HEMP/EMP protection that you make sure you do not make a possibly critical error in your protection and survival plans and purchase a non-conductive fiberglass shelter – it could be the worst mistake you ever make and ruin even the most carefully thought out disaster preparedness plans.
    Buy a steel shelter than can be configured to protect you against HEMP/EMP events, Hardened Structures will help you choose the right shelter for you, those important to you, and the components/equipment that will make your disaster preparedness plans work for you.