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Underground Buildings : Architecture & Environment : New Book

Underground BuildingsSkyscrapers are the headliners and underground buildings are the virtually unnoticed understudies of architecture.

Every day, tens of thousands Americans use more than 700 public and commercial structures and 5000 private homes that nestle within the earth. Major new subterranean structures are under construction or are on the drawing boards.

Subsurface Buildings explores underground buildings , examines their impact on architecture and the environment, and addresses such questions as;

  1. Why would anyone want to bury a building underground?
  2. Are underground buildings safe?
  3. How do architects feel about designing buildings that are hidden within the earth?
  4. What is the environmental impact of subterranean architecture?

A dozen Subsurface Buildings articles use photo's, drawings, and descriptions to answer questions like these while showing that underground buildings are surprisingly common and appealing.

Author, Loretta Hall

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» Underground Buildings: Architecture & Enviroment