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Hardened Structures Operates Globally Including USA, Canada, South America, Europe, UK, UAE, Asia, Australia & New Zealand. Constructing a more secure future for you, your family, friends, corporates and governments. Make my enquiry to Hardened Structures. Email : Clarry@HardenedStructures.com.au Hardened Structures USA www.HardenedStructures.com

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Hardened Structures

Tactics to try and remove you from your home will likely be ineffective if it's fortified by Hardened Structures, a Virginia-based construction company that offers ballistic hardened exteriors, installed on the outer walls and windows of your house. The custom exteriors are built not only to withstand bullets, but also forced entry, biological and chemical agents, and shock from underneath due to bombs going off nearby. Higher-level protection can resist damage from tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters.
Hardened Structures can build a basic fallout shelter for around $40,000. Necessary options such as air filtration and sewage systems cost a little extra, but should be included for anyone serious about surviving indefinitely. Despite being around since 1991, the company is still relatively uknown and maintains a low-profile. It guarantees confidentiality with all projects.
Survival Top 50 Blog Article