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Hardened Structures Operates Globally Including USA, Canada, South America, Europe, UK, UAE, Asia, Australia & New Zealand. Constructing a more secure future for you, your family, friends, corporates and governments. Make my enquiry to Hardened Structures. Email : Clarry@HardenedStructures.com.au Hardened Structures USA www.HardenedStructures.com

An Excellent Hour Long Interview On EMPact Radio With Brian Camden HSUSA + Q&A - 4th April 2012

Brian Camden is Principal of Hardened Structures, a professional construction program management firm specializing in commercial, residential and community hardening, fortified homes, bomb shelters, bunkers, storm shelters and self-sustaining hardened facilities. The multi-hazard design/build engineering methology that Hardened Structures uses encompasses all aspects of blast hardening, blast effective mitigation, protective design technologies, advances security and alternative energy systems. They provide client/project specific designs addressing conventional weapons, forced entry, chemical, biological, radiological and explosive (CBRE) weapons, 2012 mitigations, climate change and any type of apocalypse or world-ending scenario. Hardened Structures' team of engineers, architects, project managers, scientists and security specialists confidentially manages all aspects of protection programming, strategic planning, site assessment, complete designs, clandestine contracting, risk assessments, building systems placement, preparedness/response, alternative/solar energy systems, and full construction. Hardened Structures has confidential designers, suppliers and security specialists to cost effectively design/build discreetly anywhere in the U.S. Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. A facility or shelter addition can be built in almost any location be it urban, suburban or rural.

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