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For Sale : The Massive Underground Self Sustaining Defensible Fortress / Bunker In The Czech Republic : The Oppidum


A MASSIVE FORTRESS : FOR PRIVATE SALE : The Czech Republic In Central Europe

Image Forbes Apocalypse Shelter :The Oppidum : Billionaire Bunker :The Czech Republic

July 2019
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"The Oppidum takes its name from the Latin word meaning the main
settlement in an an administrative area of ancient Rome. The word was
derived from the earlier Latin op-pedum, an "enclosed space", used to
describe fortresses that were constructed in Europe as early as the
Iron Age.


The location of The Oppidum is the foundation of its security. The
Czech Republic is in central Europe and is surrounded by
mountains. The country is not a target of aggression by any other
countries or organizations. Any potential conflict in the world is
likely to avoid the Czech Republic or, at the very least, reach it at
a later stage, which would enable the owners of The Oppidum to arrive
at the compound and make preparations.

Image Overview The Oppidum : Billionaire Bunker :The Czech Republic

Image Top View The Oppidum : Billionaire Bunker :The Czech Republic


Construction on the secret facility began in 1984, at the height of
the Cold War, as a joint venture between the governments of what were
then Czechoslovakia and The Soviet Union. Its purpose was listed as
"Classified". It was built between 1984 and 1994, at a time when
global instability and the possibility of weapons of mass destruction
were entirely real, just as they are today. The Oppidum has never been
more relevant.

Because the construction of the facility occurred at a time of
heightened world tension, the enormous level of resources used to
develop it would be all but impossible to match today. It is extremely
unlikely that any government would approve a non-military structure of
this size to be built today.

In cases of less catastrophic situations, the bunker will allow the
inhabitants to survive natural or man-made disasters, or long-term
power outages.

The bunker will be able to provide long-term accommodation for
residents - up to 10 years if necessary - without the need for
external supplies. This would involve large-scale stocks of
non-perishable food and water, along with water purification
equipment, medical supplies, surgical facilities, and communication
networks with the outside world.


The Oppidum complex will provide its owner with a safe haven for
family, friends, business partners, other professionals, and staff in
an above-ground residential estate before disaster strikes.

The First Zone of Defence: The Above-Ground Residential Estate
The Oppidum will be more than an underground bunker for dangerous
times. It will provide an above-ground residential estate
in which the inhabitants can maintain a high standard of living in a
secluded area above ground during times of potential danger;
in a compound protected by multiple high-security systems (from high
walls and detection sensors to automated defence technology) and
strong communications with the outside world;
in which it will be possible to descend through a secret corridor to
the bunker and seal it with a blast door in less than a minute;
and in which it will be possible for inhabitants to return quickly to
the above-ground residence once the threat has passed.

The Second Zone of Defence: The Underground Bunker
The Below-Ground Bunker of The Oppidum will be the area
in which inhabitants can be isolated and protected from the threat of
war, disease, natural disasters, or personal threat;
in a luxurious underground compound on two levels, with a total space
of 7,200 m2 (77,500 sq ft) and ceiling heights of 4 metres (about 13
where there will be one large apartment of of 630 m2, and six
apartments comprising 160 m2 each;
where there will be an underground garden with simulated natural
light, as well as a spa, swimming pool, cinema, library, and other
leisure facilities;
where there will be offices and a conference room;
where there will be medical and surgical facilities and supplies;
where valuables can be stored in private vaults;
and where the whole Oppidum complex can be operated from an
underground control centre, with exclusive access to communications
networks internally and to the outside world.

The Oppidum Website 

IImage Forbes Apocalypse Shelter :The Oppidum : Billionaire Bunker :The Czech Republic

The Oppidum : Forbes Magazine Article

The Oppidum News.com.au Article

Image Meeting Room The Oppidum : Billionaire Bunker :The Czech Republic

Image Swimming Pool The Oppidum : Billionaire Bunker :The Czech Republic

Image Wine Cellar The Oppidum : Billionaire Bunker :The Czech Republic

Most people avoid thinking about large-scale catastrophes. They are
too frightening. People feel helpless. People of strength and vision,
however, are able to think more rationally and less emotionally about
the very real possibilities of widespread threats. Such people are
able to envision different scenarios and make plans on how to cope
with them.

It stands alone in a quiet valley, bordered by magnificent
countryside. It will be surrounded by high walls, and so will not be
visible at ground level. From the air, the compound will look like a
large administration centre.

The above-ground plot of land is 30,000 m2 (323,000 sq ft), enough for
residential, security, transportation, and leisure facilities

Image Map The Oppidum : Billionaire Bunker :The Czech Republic


The first thing to consider for any safe haven is the security of the
country in which it is located.

The Czech Republic is a small country in the heart of Europe,
surrounded by mountains. Its geopolitical location represents
significant safety assurances and guarantees. The Czech Republic and
its neighbouring countries - Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Austria -
are all members of the European Union. Except for Austria, they are
also members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).The
Czech Republic has friendly relationships with all its neighbouring
countries and is not burdened by a reputation for past aggression.

Even though it is located in central Europe, Prague is not in the
strategic path of Moscow, Warsaw, or Berlin, all of which saw mass
bloodshed in past European conflicts. The Czech Republic is unlikely
to become a potential battlefield. It faces no current major security

The Czech Republic has a low crime rate and a good human rights and
freedom rating. It has never been the target of a terrorist attack,
and there is no indication that it is likely to become a target of
such an attack in the foreseeable future. Despite these facts, the
Czech Republic takes security measures seriously. It has
anti-terrorism measures in place, which it continues to monitor and

Map of European Union
Membership of the European Union

The European Union, comprising 28 member countries (including all the
Czech Republic's neighbouring states), guarantees economic stability
and development of business activities. Czech law guarantees the
protection of foreign investment. In keeping with European Union
security policy, there are legal and safety measures related to
terrorism, organized crime, proliferation of illegal weapons of mass
destruction, as well as to industrial accidents, natural disasters,
and epidemics.

Membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

The Czech Republic's membership of NATO guarantees collective defence
of all member countries in the case of attack by military force or
cyberspace disruption. All neighbouring countries are also members of
NATO, except for Austria, which is neutral. The Czech Republic has a
strong military infrastructure able to transport allied NATO troops
and mount defence operations.

Czech Republic: Basic Data
Area    78,864 square kilometres
Population      10.5 million
Capital City    Prague
Currency unit   Czech Crown (CZK)
Official language       Czech
Political system        Parliamentary republic
Time zone       UTC + 1
UTC + 2 (summer time)
Rating (Moody/S&P)      A1 / AA
Member of the EU since: 2004
Member of NATO since:   1999

The underground levels of The Oppidum are in a newly reconstructed
shell and core state. The shell is ready to be customized according to
the needs, wishes, and tastes of its future owner.

The above-ground section of The Oppidum is in its original condition,
also ready to be customized to the buyer's wishes.

The buyer will be able to choose whether to commission The Oppidum
project team to customize the facility or to do the customization of
some or all of it independently.

Our experienced team can offer turnkey completion of the project, including:

1. Studies and project documentation
2. Security
3. Engineering
4. Technology and infrastructure
5. Construction of the above-ground residential estate
6. Design and fit of the underground bunker

The Oppidum can be used to provide various functions, including:

Accommodation units
1. Commercial spaces, offices, command centres, conference rooms
2. The underground bunker exists on two levels.
3. Separate entrances can be established, and the levels sealed
separately if desired."

Image Bedroom The Oppidum : Billionaire Bunker :The Czech Republic

Image First Floor The Oppidum : Billionaire Bunker :The Czech Republic

Image Second Floor The Oppidum : Billionaire Bunker :The Czech Republic

The Bodyguard/s at the End of the World 

( Above link NZ Herald Nov 2018 #Satire ) 

"We all met up that night for dinner, inevitably at Moorish Blue, Sydney, Australia. Martin ( Clarry's Russian / Chilean bodyguard #PutinsPrivateGuard ) drove there at incredible speeds, blasting out Little River Band at high volume. The guest star at dinner was Jakub Zamrazil, a Czech who had flown into Sydney to have talks with ClarryOn about selling a massive underground nuclear shelter in a secret location in the Czech Republic / NZ."

July 2019
For a site review, competitive pricing and related military grade hardware please contact;

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Hardened Structures Security Assessments
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